We have been asking you how you want us to communicate. You said you wanted more options offering faster, easier and smarter ways of keeping up to date and contacting us. So we have taken all your feedback onboard and created new ways of keeping up to date with us.

Our Twitter profile will give breaking news and updates - you can also install this feed of news straight into Outlook, via our RSS link below. Our LinkedIn group will offer you a way of asking questions and joining in with discussions. Our Facebook profile will give you more power to shape our events and retreive assets afterwards.




Westcon Twitter presence per vendor

Westcon maintain Twitter profiles dedicated to each vendor. Click on the link below to open up the Twitter profile

Add RSS into Outlook

Click on the following links to have the RSS feeds, generated from the Twitter profiles above, added automatically into Outlook. Click on "Launch Application" to enable the feed to be added into Outlook. You will then be able to view the feed anytime from with Outlook.