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The SIP School

SIP is the hot trend in communications allowing customers to unify and integrate multi-vendor solutions and recognise true ROI. SIP underpins many vendor solutions.Westcon is pleased to announce its partnership with The SIP School to help your teams successfully sell and deploy SIP-based solutions.

Why SIP?

SIP is a streamlined protocol, developed specifically for IP Telephony. Small and efficient and holding similarity to HTTP protocol, developers can design and implement new SIP-based voice services as quickly and easily as web pages, without requiring major hardware upgrades therefore reducing cost considerably.

The SIP standard is non-vendor specific, allowing multi-vendor, legacy communication estates to gradually migrate whilst benefiting from the latest technology.

What is The SIP School?

The SIP School is an online training centre, providing a set of interactive courses which are completed at your team's pace. The courses include:

  • Technical: Achieve the industry recognised qualiification SSCA®
  • Sales and Marketing: Learn the fundamentals of SIP and how to sell SIP trunks with the associated benefits

Before you know it, your team members will be learning everything there is to know about SIP without leaving the office!

What is Westcon offering?

The SIP School is available to anyone, but Westcon's business partners are entitled to an additional 5% discount


Click here to see discount code and visit the SIP School!



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European Product Manager

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