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PC suite

PC Suite

Make your softphone talk Jabra

The Jabra PC Suite drivers enable remote call control with Jabra wireless headsets and the latest generation of IP softphones. This means that users can answer and end calls up to 300 ft. away from their desks. The seamless integration of headset and softphone allows users to benefit from enhanced mobility and the ability to multitask while on a call. The wireless freedom improves work efficiency and ergonomics throughout the day.

The Jabra PC Suite is a plug-and-play software solution that can interface with a range of softphone standards via the embedded drivers.
Jabra PC Suite requires minimum Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4 operating system.

Softphones compatibility

The Jabra PC Suite includes drivers for a range of PC softphones, including:
- SKYPE Version 3.2.or above

Be in touch with your headset

Jabra PC Suite includes a Control Center that allows you to manage and configure your Jabra headset from your PC.

Stay updated at all time

The Jabra PC Suite allows you to update your Jabra solution with the latest firmware. A firmware update will typically include new or improved functionality and error fixes. A firmware update is recommended if you experience problems with your Jabra device.

Headset compatibility

The Jabra PC Suite can be used with the following Jabra office headsets solutions:


Jabra GN9350 Wireless dual-function headset that enables users to seamlessly switch between PC-based VoIP and a desk phone. It offers conference call capability, up to 350 ft range, three wearing styles, up to 9 hours talk time plus optional battery for ‘around-the-clock’ talk time.
Jabra GN9330 USB This wireless GN9330 USB headset makes all your PC-based IP telephony conversations sound better. High-definition, wideband IP audio ensures you hear – and are heard – with superb clarity. It's the first wireless office headset to offer true wideband audio, and at 6.8 kHz, its audio bandwidth is more than twice that of conventional telephony.
Jabra M5390 Wireless Multiuse headset offering up to 200 ft range, two wearing styles, connects seamlessly to mobile phone, desk phone and PC VoIP softphone via the enclosed Jabra A335w USB wideband dongle.
Multiuse headsets with Jabra A330 USB dongle With the Jabra A330 Bluetooth dongle you can connect any Jabra Multiuse headset to your personal computer and use it just as easily and comfortably as with your mobile phone.

Jabra GN2100 USB
The GN2100 is the state-of-the-art, professional headset for today's enterprise delivering unsurpassed sound quality and crystal clear conversation. The headset's lightweight, sleek styling enhances one's professional image and comfort – as well as productivity.
Jabra GN2000 USB The GN2000 Series headsets are the perfect contact center headsets. They deliver true wideband sound quality, day-to-day durability, all-day comfort and unprecedented affordability. GN 2000 Series headsets are the perfect contact centre headsets. They deliver true wideband sound quality, day-to-day durability, all-day comfort and unprecedented affordability.
Jabra GN8120 USB adapter GN8120 USB combines a digital USB-to-headset adapter for superior voice quality with in-line softphone call controls enabling quick and easy access to the most common calling functions.



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Channel Manager, Greece

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