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Unified Communications

Unified Communications (UC) describes a situation in which technologies such as voice, email and instant messaging are integrated and presented to the user via a single intuitive user interface. UC enhances productivity and facilitates cooperation by streamlining the way we communicate.


One of the things that make UC so attractive is that it facilitates collaboration. The combination of a common interface and greatly improved sound quality increases the sense of proximity, regardless of location. This benefits green business initiatives such as working from home and remote cooperation between virtual teams. Moreover, the ability to communicate using any device from any location eliminates wasted time and increases your productivity!


Experience superior sound
The most obvious reason for this is to experience the greatly enhanced call clarity offered by UC. Anyone who has struggled with a cheap PC headset for VoIP will understand why this is so important! While traditional telephony is transmitted in the narrowband frequency range (300 Hz - 3,600 kHz), most UC systems support wideband frequency response - up to 6,800 KHz, for optimum call clarity. To enjoy this feature, you need a headset with full wideband audio capabilities.




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