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Enterprises often encounter multi-vendor interoperability issues, codec incompatibilities, and service quality challenges when deploying SIP trunks. Acme Packet Net-Net enterprise session border controllers (E-SBCs) are specifically designed to accelerate the installation of SIP trunks by overcoming common service interoperability and service quality challenges. Typically installed in an enterprise data center, E-SBCs serve as the termination point for a SIP trunking service in a Microsoft Lync 2010 or Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS) unified communications environment, providing key session control and interworking functions.

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Key functions include the following:

  • Interoperability: Acme Packet E-SBCs resolve multi-vendor interoperability and multi-protocol interworking issues which often hamper SIP trunk deployments. The products normalise SIP messages to mitigate vendor incompatibilities and provide comprehensive signaling, transport and media encryption interworking functions as well as codec translation capabilities to streamline SIP trunk service deployment.
  • Reliability: Acme Packet E-SBCs can balance loads across SIP trunks and statefully reroute sessions around SIP trunk failures to optimise performance, circumvent equipment and facility problems, and ensure business continuity. In addition, the products provide granular admission control and QoS marking capabilities to ensure service quality.
  • Session Routing: Acme Packet E-SBCs provide rich session routing and control functions including centralised call routing and dial plan management capabilities for cases where Microsoft Lync or Microsoft OCS co-exist with legacy enterprise telephony systems. This allows for the centralised management of all enterprise telephony routing in a single network element.



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