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Plantronics has been developing corded headsets for more than 40 years. They understand that workers who use the phone as their main work tool need to hear and be heard clearly to ensure maximum productivity and customer satisfaction.

In live trials, workers using Plantronics corded solution have shown up to 10% increase in productivity. A wide range of wearing styles to suit individual needs and tastes are available as well as the choice of microphone for noisy or quiet environments. So whatever environment you are in or wearing style you prefer, Plantronics have a corded headset to suit. Microsoft Office Communicator


Plantronics has a range of Microsoft® Optimised headsets for the Office Communicator


SupraPlus Encore Pro


Extended warranty

Plantronics offer the opportunity at point of purchase to extend the normal 2 year warranty on their corded headsets and audio processors to 3 years.

Plantronics have undertaken numerous studies to prove the benefits to headsets:

Overall productivity could be increase by up to 43% simply by using a telephone headset rather than a traditional handset (Research by HB Maynard & Co)

Well Being
Companies today face ergonomic challenges to protect the wellbeing of their employees. Plantronics office headsets relieve stress in employees' upper bodies – so no more cradling a handset between their shoulder and neck. In the University of Surrey study, headset users experienced:

  • 31% less neck pain
  • 16% less back pain
  • 27% fewer headaches



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