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Plantronics are leading the wireless revolution with products that deliver unprecedented freedom and mobility. Plantronics wireless headsets improve productivity, mobility, and the ability to multitask and collaborate.

Whatever your job or your personal way of working, you’ll find a Plantronics wireless headset that will meet your specific needs.

If you've every tried to cradle a telephone between your shoulder and your ear, in order to hand-write or key in some notes, you may not need much of an answer to the question – 'why go wireless?'  Plantronics believe you should be able to talk whenever, however and wherever life takes you.  These days, that might be other side of the world but it’s just as likely to be the other side of the office
Microsoft Office Communicator
Plantronics has a range of Microsoft® Optimised wireless headsets for the Office Communicator



CS70 CS500 Series
Savi 700 CS351N



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