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Remote Answering

Handset Lifter

The Plantronics Electronic Hook Switch EHSHL10 handset lifter fits on your telephone, letting you answer calls with the touch of a button, conveniently and automatically takes your handset off hook.

  • Compatible with all Plantronics wireless headsets used on telephone handsets
  • Fast operation

Electronic hook switch answering

The Plantronics Remote Answering Electronic Hookswitch Control ModulesThese Electronic Hookswitch Control Modules can be used with the Plantronics range of DECT Headsets to provide automatic control of a range of telephones. This permits the user to place or receive a call without the need to lift the handset. This control is entirely electronic and eliminates the need for a mechanical handset lifter device.

  • Small, compact, discrete - no need to fit a mechanical lifter system
  • Silent, reliable operation - no moving parts
  • Allows remote answering of phone calls using the Headset
  • 2 year warranty


Part Number:

  • 38347-01 (APS-1  Siemens)
  • 38349-01 (APT-3  Avaya Tenovis)
  • 38348-01 (APA-2  Alcatel)
  • 37978-01 (APC-4  Cisco)
  • 38438-01 (APP-5  Polycom)


Pease note that the APA-2 will only work when it is combined with the CS60 Wireless Headset.  No other wireless headset is recommended.

On Line Indicator

The "OLI Light" is an egg shaped light that flashes once a call is activated.  It allows others to know when you're on the phone.

It comes with an 9 foot cable which allows you to place on the desk, the top of a computer monitor, mounted to the wall, or attached to the headset holder.

65116-01 - On Line Indictor for all other cordless and wireless bases.

46429-01 - On Line Indictor extension cord (6 feet)



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Channel Manager, Greece

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