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Radware’s ADC-VX™

Radware’s ADC-VX
The Agility of Virtual; The Predictability of Physical



ADC-VX is the industry’s first Application Delivery Controller (ADC) Hypervisor that runs multiple virtual ADC instances on a dedicated ADC hardware, Radware’s OnDemand Switch platforms.


ADC-VX is designed from the ground up to enable organizations to consolidate their ADC hardware devices without compromising resiliency or performance predictability of their ADC services — resulting in significant savings of hardware costs and operational expenses.


Additionally, ADC-VX provides the agility and the simplicity that is required in the dynamic, ever-changing virtualized data center, driving faster deployment of new services and better alignment of ADC services with frequent configuration changes.


Radware’s ADC-VX is an ideal solution for large enterprises, hosting and service providers as well as cloud providers that aspire to achieve significant cost savings by consolidating multiple dedicated ADC devices into a single, cost-effective consolidated ADC device.


Radware’s ADC-VX provides immediate, quantifiable cost savings based on:

  • Reduced spending on hardware devices
  • Reduced operational costs of power, cooling and real-estate
  • Reduced service and management costs



What is ADC-VX?


ADC-VX is a specialized hypervisor for ADC services built on a unique architecture that virtualizes Radware’s OnDemand Switch platform resources ─ including CPU, Memory, Network and Acceleration resources. This specialized hypervisor runs fully functional virtual ADC instances each of which delivers ADC functionality just like a dedicated physical ADC device. Each virtual ADC instance contains a complete and separated environment of resources, configurations and management.


With Radware’s ADC-VX it’s easy to amend the operations of the virtual ADC instances to quickly align the ADC services with changing business needs.


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