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Radware Alteon Application Switches

Accelerate your Applications with the Alteon Application Switch

Radware's Alteon ADC is powered by state-of-the-art, custom-designed hardware platforms and offers the widest throughput range in the industry, from 500Mbps to 80Gbps. Thanks to Radware's OnDemand strategy, each Alteon platform covers multiple throughput levels and the entire throughput spectrum is covered with minimal set of platforms. This helps organizations standardize their hardware solutions and reduce OPEX of spare parts and inventory. In addition, Alteon ADC solution offers performance leadership at every throughput level with its unique software architecture and powerful platforms hardware.


Alteon series 5 and series 10 platforms support ADC virtualization with the highest vADC density in the industry, allowing organizations to consolidate their legacy ADC devices and to adopt a deployment model of vADC per Application. Only Radware's Alteon ADC virtualization solution starts at 1Gbps and ranges up to 80Gbps, enabling consolidation and virtualization of any application in the organization.




Breakthrough Performance Delivering best Quality of Experience

Powered by state-of-the-art, custom-designed hardware platforms, the Alteon Series 4-5 ensure the best user experience and fastest response time for your mission-critical applications, resulting in effective, continuous business operation.


Radware Alteon 4416 Switch
The Alteon 4008 & 4416 provide up to 4Gbps of scalable throughput capacity while delivering breakthrough performance including 215K Layer 4 and 135K Layer 7 Transactions per Second (TPS).




Radware Alteon 5412 SwitchThe Alteon 5412, targeting large data centers and carrier environments packed with four 10GE ports, supports up to 20Gbps of throughput capacity, 2.5 Million DNS queries per second, 535K Layer 4 and 300K Layer 7 Transactions per Second.




 Radware application delivery



The beating heart of Alteon Series 4-5 is the Virtual Matrix Architecture (VMA), a one-of-a-kind technology that unleashes the power of Alteon’s next-generation proprietary platforms. VMA is a fast, robust, and flexible architecture that leverages the entire system’s capacity while providing the parallel performance of distributed processing.


Platform Throughout Levels (Gbps) vADC Density
Alteon 4408 0.5, 1, 2, 4 Not Applicable
Alteon 4416 1, 2, 4 Not Applicable
Alteon 5224 1, 2, 4, 8, 12, 16 24
Alteon 5412 8, 12, 16, 20 28

Integrated Application Acceleration Capabilities

Alteon Application Switch Series 4-5 deliver a wide set of application acceleration capabilities including SSL offloading, web compression, caching, HTTP multiplexing and TCP optimization. These capabilities are designed to offload servers, address server performance issues, enhance response-time for best QoE and mitigate security risks. By offloading processor intensive operations from servers, Alteon frees the servers’ CPUs to handle additional requests, eliminating the need to buy additional hardware in order to support application processing requirements and reducing CAPEX and OPEX.


The Alteon Application Switch is validated and certified by leading application vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, IBM and others. When operating Alteon Application Switch Series 4-5 with Microsoft SharePoint for example, the response time of SharePoint servers is accelerated by 350% and the servers’ CPU load is reduced by 40%. Similar benefits are achieved with other popular applications.


Application acceleration capabilities have greater importance in virtual data centers where applications suffer from increased latency caused by virtualization infrastructure. Alteon reduces applications latency and improves QoE of virtual applications.


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